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Day Before School Junior Lunch After School
 Monday  Dance Club (Y3 - Y6)  



Multi-Sports Club (Y3 - Y4)

 ICT Club (Y3 - Y6)



 Karate Club (Y3 - Y6)

 Sewing Club (Y3  -Y6)

Football Club (Y2 - Y3)

Homework Club (Y3 - Y6)


School Football Team (Y5 - Y6)

 Lego Club (Y3 - Y6)

Art (Y3 - Y6)

Ballet Club (Y1 - Y6)

 Friday  Dance Club (Y1 - Y2)

 Football (Y3 - Y6)

Football Club (Y4 - Y6)

   8.00am-8.50am  1.15pm-1.45pm 3.30pm-4.30pm

Mr Boal runs a range of clubs, including art, multi-sports and football. For a copy of the application letter for a club, check the letters folder on the school website or via the app.


Tennis Club and Dodgeball Club for Y1 - Y3 are not continuing due to lack of uptake.


After School Care


If you are interested in after school care from 3.30pm until 6.30pm Monday to Friday, you may wish to consider the services offered by Play, Adventure, Community and Enrichment - known as PACE. Click on the name of the company for a link to their website. PACE operate a free pick up service that collects daily. For copies of PACE documents, click on the links below:

The PACE after school service is not operated by the school. The decision to use the service is entirely up to the individual parent/carer. The school recommends that any parent/carer interested in the service contacts the organisation directly and makes arrangements to view the site prior to their child starting.