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Year Two

For a copy of the Department for Education booklet explaining SATs for parents, click here.


For a copy of the Y2 SATs Meeting presentation click here.


For sample SATs questions and Parents' Guides, click on the links below:

Arithmetic quiz: 1; Arithmetic quiz: 2; Arithmetic quiz: 3; Arithmetic quiz: 4; Arithmetic quiz: 5

Maths: Arithmetic guide

Maths: Reasoning Guide

Maths: Reasoning answers

Reading: Parents' Guide



Copies of the class half-term newsletters for 2018/2019 will be added here as they are published:


Autumn, first half term



Listed below, you will find the statutory spelling list for your child’s year at school. It could really be of benefit to your child if they were able to become familiar with the words. Click on the links to access the lists.


If you would like to do more maths together at home, you might like to click on either of these links:


The core phonics scheme used by the school is 'Letters and Sounds' and the main reading scheme is the Oxford Reading Tree published by Oxford Educational Publishers. Both schemes are supplemented by real books and school produced resources.


Details of the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme can be found be clicking here.


When the children of Year Two start in the Juniors, they will have a 45 minute Spanish lesson every Wednesday. For details of the Spanish curriculum, please click here.


For an overview of the curriculum coverage within each year group, please click the appropriate class links below.