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Year Six

Admission to Secondary School in 2018: See details at the foot of this page.


For information on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), click here.


Copies of the class half-term newsletters for 2017/2018 will be added here as they are published:


Autumn Term: first half

Autumn Term: second half

Spring Term: first half

Spring Term: second half

Summer Term: first half

Summer Term: second half


For details of the ChildLine assembly, click here.


Every Wednesday the class have a 45 minute Spanish lesson. For details of the curriculum, click here.


Spanish Homework

A message from Senora Willoughby:

In order to extend their class learning,  children in the Juniors are  now set regular Spanish homework every two weeks. The homework consists of either a learning or a written exercise which  should be brought to the Spanish lesson on  Wednesdays in their yellow Spanish homework folders. Please encourage your child to complete the tasks and hand them in on time.  A homework record will be kept. Children who wish to do extra tasks on their own are encouraged to do so and bring them to the Spanish lesson.



In the summer term, children in Y6 classes across England are tested on their spelling and grammar. For information about the test, please click here. As well as spelling and grammar, the children will also be tested on reading and maths. The dates for the 2018 national tests are as follows:




Monday 14th May

English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Tuesday 15th May

English reading test

Wednesday 16th May

Maths - Test A&B

Thursday 17th May

Maths - Test C


For a copy of the Department for Education booklet explaining SATs for parents, click here

For a copy of the Y6 SATs Meeting presentation click here.

For a copy of the Y6 SATs Meeting Booklet for Parents, click here.


Admissions to Secondary School in September 2019.

For details on how to apply for a Y7 place at Secondary School, click here. Barnet Council has sent out various documents to help with transfer to Secondary School. Click on the titles below for copies of the various documents. If you need help or advice with applying for a secondary school place, do contact Mr Taylor or Mrs Conley at school.